A reverse trike design vehicle

with electric power



Battery powered vehicles are available today!

Waiting for the auto industry, the government, or energy companies to step up is like trying to steer a ship by changing the way the wind blows. Sure, battery powered electric vehicles don't have the range of petro-powered vehicles, but for short trips they are perfectly serviceable.

The "Tryckle" is an electric motorcycle. You'll need a motorcycle license to ride it. Some states do have three wheel licenses.(i.e. Florida)

It has all the motorcycle virtues:

  • Light weight,
  • easy to power,
  • low energy consumption,
  • low cost,
  • lower insurance cost (in Florida $0 if you wear a helmet).


For 35 years we've talked about alternative energy. If you're tired of the talking and the waiting and tired of being held hostage by "big oil" build your own electric vehicle!

The "Tryckle" is a reverse trike design for those interested in an electric powered vehicle you can own and use today. Send us your old 2 wheel motorcycle (or we can supply it) and we'll convert it to this great side by side two seater. The basic system is a 72volt battery powered DC Sepex motor with regenerative braking and programable controller. It boasts energy consumption of 165 watts per mile at 40mph. Top speed is 50mph. The vehicle is equipped with an onboard charger and simple forward-neutral-reverse at the flip of a switch.

2/11/09 We ran the Tryckle from full charge to cut-out voltage in city driving environment. We covered 33 miles of stop & go diving (21 stop intersections) and accelerated to 40mph after each stop. Starting voltage was 77.9. ending voltage (30 minutes after stopping) 71v. Continous driving on flat terrain will certainly result in 40 mile range.

With SLA batteries it weighs approximately 1000 lbs. It uses existing "off-the-shelf" front suspension and steering and incorporates the "donor" motorcycle rear suspension, brakes, drive system. The body shell and chassis (tub) are molded fiberglass composite. Various other electric motors and batteries are available. As an option, using the gasoline engine from the "donor" motorcycle as power is both practical & economical


Go HERE to see a GASOLINE powered version



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